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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


Welcome to my site dedicated to the worlds most beautiful doll.


My Child dolls were made by Mattel in 1985. They are fully jointed and have rooted hair. They are made from a ~skin-so-soft~fabric which is similar to suedette. They have painted plastic eyes and the cutest button nose.

My Childs came with 6* hair and 5 eye colours and more outfits than you can imagine.I will outline theses in detail further on.

In 1987 Mattel released a new line for the Australian, Canadian and European market (please note Euro dolls had different packaging) They had different features including darker skin, longer hair and no tush heart . I will dedicate a page to them to highlight the differences. The US also had darker make up in 1987 for both boys and girls but still had the tush heart. Then in 1988 Australia had the "RIBBONS AND BOWS" dolls released these dolls were the same as the 1987 release but were all girls and had the most beautiful outfits that fall into the hard to find catergory, the US had a new release of dolls they were still pale had no heart on their bottoms and the darker make up like the ribbons and bows edition but still had the original outfits and hair styles and for some reason came without shoes!

This site shows my Personal collection to share my dolls and knowledge with you. None of the dolls here are for sale.

My Childs came with the following hair colours:
*Light blonde (also known as honey)
*Dark blonde (also known as Ash and dirty blonde)
*black (A/A dolls only)
*Strawberry blonde (1987 only)

and the following eye colours:
*Blue (also known as violet and grey)
*Aqua (also known as touqoise, sea green and blue/green)
*Brown with orange highlights (Hispanic only)

The following girls hair styles were available:

(short curly generally with bang all the way around the head)
(Midlength curly or straight with front bangs)
(Longest length tied at ears straight with front bangs)

The Aus/ Euro girls got this style with curly doogyears
(shoulder length with a sidepart that is tied into a cute top knot)

Long Ringlet Sidepart This is a part like the 1985 sidepart but the hair is very long and is styled into ringlets. We know from MIB dolls that this hairstyle was displayed in the box  swept to thr front and tied into two low piggytails it is my favourite hairstyle.
(part extends only to the top of head tied in two piggy's and the back left loose Hispanic and 1987/88 Aus/Euro edition only)  The Aus/ Euro edition usually had ringlets or soft curls

* Full fringe  this style has a small part like the half part but the part forms part of the full fringe. We have found out from MIB dolls that this style was swept into a low single ponytail at the back and had two small piggys hanging near the face either side of the fringe. 1987/88 Australian and Euro only


The following boys styles were available

*Curly-no part
*Straight-centre part
*Straight-sidepart ???

DICLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Mattel the images shown here are either items I own or photos used with permission.