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Little Luxuries Nursery

Welcome to the world!



Say hello to the new edition in the nursery Mackayla Grace.

Mackayla started life as a 9inch Berenguer childs play doll and after some time at the nursery she has been transformed into this beautiful little creature.

Mackayla has been colour washed using premium quality dyes she has had her nostrils opened and her mouth has also been opened to allow her to suck her thumb. She has been blushed to give her a rosy newborn complexion and has been weighted with top quality glass beads then loosely padded with poly fill to give her a floppy newborn feel. Mackaylas hair is Mohair and has been hand applied it is not rooted and is therefore delicate and should not be brushed. Her eyelashes are also mohair in the same shade as her hair. Mackaylas outfit is her original factory dress panties and bonnet I felt these suited her more than the outfits I have made for this size doll as the white of the outfit brings her beautiful complexion into the foreground.


I will be honest I am only new to rebirthing and keeping that in mind my dolls are not perfect though they have no great faults either. With this in mind I have started Mackayla at cost with no reserve. I will happily answer honestly any questions about Mackayla's time at Little Luxuries Nursery to assure customer satisfaction. I am sure you will be delighted to have Mackayla join your family.


The nitty gritty

Shipping for Mackayla in Australia is $9.00aus and to the USA $15.00aus. I accept Direct Debit, Money orders (both Australia post and International US western union) Paymate (preferred for international bidders) I do not accept CASH, CHEQUES or COD. Payment must be made within 5 days of auction close or Mackayla will be put back up for adoption (poor thing) So please do not break her heart by bidding if you dont really want her :)






Please get in touch if you have any questions