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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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1985 My Childs

Here are my 1985 edition babies


*~* Joshua Conor*~* Joshua is my orginal My Child I got him when I was 9. He has straight centre part and green eyes He did have pale pink face paint but I cuddled it all off.
He is wearing the light blue BOYS SAILOR OUTFIT and HTF striped trainers.


*~* Meg Olivia *~* Meg was my first non childhood addition to my collection I got her from a doll show in 1996 she has big brown eyes and pale pink face paint, she is a Canadian first edition Meg has little piggys with only the front bangs.


*~*Saxon Bryn*~* Saxon is a curly redhead brown eyed boy from the US he is such a cutey.


*~* ALEXANDER XAID*~* Xander is a straight centre part aqua eyed boy who was a present from my wonderful Husband. He a very minty little boy.