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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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My Child Fix-it's

My Childs are really resiliant babies. After 16 years of abuse sorry love from little girls all over the world they can look a little worse for wear. Here are a few tips that can help to restore your My Child.

These are just techniques I use myself and have learned from other collectors but are not fool proof some poor My Childs are beyond help :(.

The first step is washing your baby. I have found the washing machine is the best way to clean My Childs but there are a few things you can do before you pop them in the machine to ensure a good result.
1. Useing a small babysoft toothbrush and a bar of soap work gently at any really dirty areas such as the hands feet and face (be extra gentle on the face).
2.If your doll seems to have mould or a strange grey "shadow" on it's face or body then this can be successfully removed with mould kill bathroom tile cleaner I spray the area with the mould remover and then use the soap and toothbrush to work it in I find useing the soap helps to stop the mould kill from bleaching the face paint and makes it gentler on the fabric.
3. now the doll is ready for the machine. I put it in with it's back to the wall of the machine. (If the doll had shadow I also poor "Napisan in wash stain remover" on the area and work it in with my fingers.) Then add detergent and fabric softner and put on a normal cycle. The doll will come out clean, soft,smelling fresh and almost dry.

After your baby is clean the next step is her hair. Soak your dolls hair in conditioner and comb through. Rinse it out, towel dry and comb again.

If your doll is a boy:
Curly hair (no part) should be ruffled slightly to incourage the curl and left to dry. For straight hair you need to find the part either center or side then comb it down. It is best to cover this style with a stocking to dry to stop it from drying spiked up.

more coming soon