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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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1987 Girls outfits

ABC Style dress
(Pictured on Annalise)
Available in the following patterns:

1. White dress with red and yellow trim with mulit-colour ABC print with matching bloomers.
2.Purple floral print with dark pink and yellow trim amd matchin bloomers
3. White dress as for 1. but has paint splat print in mulit-colours and matching panties.

Aus Flower (also known as Flare)
(pictured on Emmy)
Available in the following patterns:
1.Yellow floral with yellow ribbon at neck and yellow tulip matching bloomers.
2.White and pink stripes with pink ribbon at neck and pink tulip.

1987 Pinafore
(Pictured on Maya)
Available in the following colours:
1.Pink pantsuit, white pinny with pink ribbon
2.Yellow pantsuit, white pinny with yellow ribbon

Checked dress
(as picture)
Available in the following prints:
1.Red Gingham style check with blue bow on collar. White Tights and matching bloomers.
2.Black houndstooth with red bow on collar. Red tights matching bloomers.
4.Red,blue and white Tartan with Navy blue bow. white Tights and matching bloomers.

As well as these new designs the 1987 dolls also came with the 1985 style pinafore with new designs so far I have seen.
1. Blue trimmed Pinny ,blue dress with white heart print.
2.Pink trimmed Pinny, white and pink floral print.