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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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1987/1988 and Ribbon and Bows My Childs


In 1987 Mattel brought out a new breed of My Child They had features like longer hair, darker skin and different outfits. They also did not have the tush heart their '85 siblings had. I found they were not stuffed as firmly either but they are very sort after as they are hard to come by. They were not available in the US and were released in Australia, Canada, Europe and England


*~* Avalon Maeve*~* Avalon is my only UK girl





*~* SAIBELLA IMAGIN*~* Saibella is one of my favourite dolls she cost me $10aus and came up an absolute gem. She has an unusually dark shade of brown in her eyes. She has ash blonde very long sidepart ringlets with no bangs. Her face paint is dark pink.


*~*MAGENTA REIGH*~* Princess Magenta was my 25th Birthday present from my husband. She has long curl half part Strawberry blonde hair and beautiful aqua eyes. She is wearing the pink/mint pinny dress it is HTF.





*~* ANNALISE SAGE*~* Anna was my first Aussie when her hair is out it is ankle length her hair is lovley light blonde and is very thick. She has green eyes and apricot face paint. She is wearing the HTF floral ABC style dress.Annalise was the first aussie I saw in real life I was more than a little shocked by this "new" breed of my childs most of my girls now are 1987's I love them !!!