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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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A/A and Hispanic

A/A babies have wonderful chocolate coloured fabric and big brown eyes and black hair,they are scrumptious but my favourite skin colour is the coffee cream of the Hispanic they have brown eyes as well but have a orange tint to them.Hipanics have brown hair.


*~*ANGEL-MARISA*~* Angel is my most expensive My Child but she was so worth the money.... Hispanics are by far my favourite my childs. She is wearing the Orange flower dress which complements her colouring perfectly. Her hair is in the half part style which is seems Hispanic girls only came with.


*~*SEBASTIAN JAVIER*~* Sebastian was my best buy ever..he was an instant buy for $25 US NRFB I was so stunned when I saw him and floated around for weeks :) I love him to death look at that face....Angel and Sebastian have different colour face paint so I think Hispanics came with 2 different face paint colours.


*~*NOAH JOSIAH*~* Noah is a A/A boy my friend Marisa brought him for my 25th Birthday in 2001.


*~* Najah Truth*~* Najah is a swap from a very dear friend of mine Tammy.


This shows the differences in the A/A-Caucasian brown eye and the Hispanic eye.

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