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*~The Magical World of My Child~*


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General Info

This Page is for little tidbits of info you might find interesting I will add to it as I find out more.

My Child dolls in my opinion are the most beautiful dolls ever made. They are made from a kind of felt/skin so soft fabric that has a knit back similar to the suedette you can get now days for clothing.The faces are made by heat stretching them and sewing them at the anchor points behind the ears and the mouth. They are fully jointed making them posable. They have rooted hair which is soft and silky and comes in so many different colours, lengths and styles More and more new styles are being uncovered due to the communication on the net extending our knowledge of these dolls. They have beautiful glass look plastic eyes that have 4 basic colour ways but came in many variations due to being painted at different factories.
My Childs were made in China and Taiwan with the Taiwanese babies being of lesser quality not quiet grasping the shrinking of the face fabric leading to the face almost completely coming loose all these years later. While China babies also suffer from loose face it is usually confined to the under chin area occasionally extending to the forehead but this is unusual. (Although not always the case with many minty Taiwans and some loose faced China babies seen.)
China babies eyes were set well and rarely lift from the corners unlike the Taiwan ones, and different colour face paint colours were used at the different factories I have also heard of parts being made in Singapore.

The '87 editions were also made in China but also suffered some quality issues mainly in the fact they were not stuffed as firmly as the '85 this makes them unable to stand very well. Some of the ones I Have come across have also suffered from a a "grey shadow" which may be more of a heat/damp problem caused by Australia's harsh summers (I have a reference for removing Shadow on my Fix-it page-coming soon). The Face paint on the '87 dolls was heavier and brighter it is rare to find a '87 with no face paint as it seemed to fade less than the '85 dolls.

Outfits are as varied as the dolls themselves each outfit style came in 5 colour ways and more and more '87 edition outfits are being discovered so it may be many more years before a comprehensive list can be complied. *see 1985 and 1987 outfit pages for more info on individual outfits.*

The value of these dolls is increasing day by day I have been collecting on the internet since August of 2000 and I have seen the prices of these dolls almost double Many other collectors have been on line much longer and dolls have tripled even quadrupled since they first started. This has more I feel to do with more people discovering the beauty of My Childs and the convenience of buying online then an indicative guide to actual dollar value, with dolls off line still available, when found, at bargain prices.

While some My Childs are harder to find than others they all do eventually show up on Ebay. Ebay is the My Child addicts continual high providing most collectors with almost 100% of their dolls it is only a very lucky few who are able to find a lot offline.

I will be adding more info to this page as it is discovered.


This is a Taiwan baby
with the face loosening
I spoke of. It also shows
how here eyes are not as
well set as china babies


You can tell this baby
is a china made by the well
set eyes and overall quality look.
Now you know the differences you
will spot them when view dolls on
Ebay or finding them in shops.
Taiwan dolls are sometimes found minty
and China dolls are sometimes found
trashed but the trained eye can always
see the difference. Neither make is worth
more or less than the other.